The Knobby and Slidemate will support any instrument that responds to MIDI controllers, NRPNs, and most sysex messages. If your device is not on this list, it doesn't mean we don't support it. It means we haven't made a library for it yet, or it doesn't require a specific library! Most all sequencers and software synthesizers accept general purpose controllers. These do not need specific support from our products in the form of a 'library.' You can simply set them to respond to a particular set of controllers, setup our hardware to generate the same controllers, and it will just work!

Other instruments, notably hardware synthesizers, can only be programmed using system exclusive messages. These do require a library generated by us or by you. Library creation is a lot of work. If you want us to support your instrument send us an email with a URL or send a photocopy containing the sysex or controller implementation! Once we have the programming data, we usually build a small test library and send it back to you. If those few parameters work, we continue and complete the library. After that point, it gets posted here.

Here is the current list of directly supported instruments for Knobby and Slidemate. This list is growing all the time so please check back.

Note: If you have a product that is supported by the Phatboy, the Knobby and Slidemate will also support it and more!

Windows: Right-Click on the link and select SAVE AS from the context menu.

Mac: Option-Click the link.

Some of the files on these pages are KNL binaries, and others are INI text files. They are both brought into KnobbyEd the same way. We also have configuration files which are files that have knobs programmed in a certain order. It saves time from dragging and dropping parameters from the library and can be a good starting point. Go here for the Knobby Configuration Files.