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The SMK gives your Moog Source expanded memory and MIDI capabilities. The memory has been expanded to a total of 256 patches! It can be easily accessed from the front panel or from MIDI. It is configured as 16 banks of 16 patches each. The SMK responds to the MIDI bank select message to access all the patches from MIDI.

Picture of Source MIDIKit

The SMK also responds to a variety of MIDI messages. They are: Note On/Off, Patch Select, Pitch Bend, Controller 11 (Filter resonance), NRPN2 (Filter cutoff), Controller 5 (Portamento),  All Notes Off, MIDI Clock, MIDI Start/Stop, and System Exclusive messages. The note response is four octaves and the note priority scheme has been modified to next note priority. This allows the player to do high or low note trills. It also does not fold over notes out of the playable range. This allows the Source to follow a bass line on a MIDI channel that may also contain higher note data for another part, allowing easy layering. The pitch bend response is fixed at one octave, but can be set to any interval by changing a pair of resistors. The arpeggiator responds to MIDI clock, and MIDI start and stop commands. It can be set to 3/6/12/24 PPQ for multiplying the arpeggio rate. The 256 patches can now be transferred to another Source or a computer by means of the system exclusive dump facility. The SMK has MIDI In and Out jacks. The Source transmits no MIDI data of its own, except during a sys-ex data transfer.

Installation of the SMK is moderate. There are detailed instructions for operation, installation, and calibration of the Source with the SMK. Installation requires skill in soldering and anti-static handling procedures. Approximately 2 hours are required to install the SMK and if you plan to have a service center perform the installation, you should figure in their fees as part of your total cost. The SMK comes with comprehensive documentation.

New firmware for the Source! May 12, 2014