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Oberheim OBXaMK MIDI Retrofit Version 1.20

This release has bug fix related to saving and loading splits and doubles, cassette loading, and includes several new features.

This version fixes the following issues:
Saving/loading the split/double presets
More robust loading cassette patches
Added MIDI editing of many more front panel controls!

Oberheim OBXaMK MIDI Retrofit Version 1.12

This release has several bug fixes related to sysex transfers, factory presets, and includes a few new features.

This version fixes the following issues:
Loading cassette patches
Saving/loading the edit buffer
Saving/loading a single patch
Saving/loading all 120 patches
Saving the edit buffer to a patch location via MIDI sysex.
Restoring ALL factory patches when pressing CHORD at power up (this will overwrite all patches)

Auto tune software tuning depending on hardware.
(If you have an older OBXa and have all 8 voices failing tuning after installing this kit, you can now press AUTO at power up, and the firmware will make an adjustment to tune your instrument.
If this works, you never have to think about it again. If it doens't work, contact us...you probably have a revision we haven't seen yet)

The last feature is storing the MIDI channel to flash memory.
(In the previous version, it was reset to channel 1 every power up.)