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The screen below shows an example of the Knobby/Slidemate setup to control the Bitheadz AS-1 synth filter on channel 1. In the left window, you can see some of the parameters that can be dragged onto any of the knobs. Also, notice the GroupA LED is lit, and the status bar on the lower right indicates "GroupA" is selected.

KnobbyEd screen shot

If you double-click on knob 1, you will see the edit window as show below. Notice the knob is highlighted so you can see what is the current active edit.

In the controller definition, you can adjust the MIDI channel, the controller number, and the minimum and maximum values. You can even reverse the min and max so the parameter gets smaller as the knob is turned clockwise.

KnobbyEd controller edit dialog

The screen below shows an example of the Encore Knobby setup to control the Roland MKS-80. The current edit dialog shows a sysex parameter defined, and the drop down list shows the 4 types of messages that can easily be constructed using KnobbyEd. Look at the sample message in the lower right window. The xx indicates where the variable byte will be located. If you choose more than one data byte, you can adjust where they are located by editing the MSB and LSB location fields. You can also control whether the data is nibblized or straight binary.

Knobby can also compute checksums when the Checksum box is enabled. KnobbyEd will then let you choose the starting point for the checksum calculation. It automatically places the checksum before the EOX byte (F7)

KnobbyEd sysex edit dialog