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The JP8-MK provides an additional 64 patches for a total of 128 patches. They can easily be selected from MIDI or from the front panel. The patch presets can also remember any two patches from the total 128. DUAL MIDI CHANNEL RESPONSE allows a SPLIT preset to have each timber controlled by separate MIDI channels over a five octave range. If the JP8 is in SPLIT mode, it will respond to MIDI data on two independent channels. If the JP8 is in the DUAL mode, it will respond to all data only from the upper channel with one exception. The exception is that it will still respond to patch change information on the lower channel to facilitate modification of the layer. This will simplify sequencing because the JP8 will not require two identical note data streams.

Picture of JP8 MIDIKit

Here is a list of features:

Separately selectable MIDI channel.
Arpeggio can be clocked from the original way (internal/external) or from MIDI with a variable PPQ from 1 to 24.
MIDI pitch bend. Scaleable from the front panel in semitone intervals up to one octave.
Hold from MIDI (Controller 64d - sustain)
Keyboard mode-Solo, Unison, Poly1, Poly2 selected from sysex message or non-registered parameter.
Arpeggio mode- Range 1,2,3,4; Up, Down, Up/Down, Random selected from sysex message or non-registered parameter.
MIDI EXPRESSION to FILTER cutoff. (Controller #11d)
MIDI VOLUME to VCA control. (Controller #07d)
MIDI BREATH controller to VCA, Filter cutoff, or Both. (Controller #02d)
Portamento ON/OFF from controller # 41h (65).
COMPUTUNE from MIDI Tune Request F6h
MIDI dump from "cassette save" button while in MIDI mode. This allows JP8s to transfer patches without the need for a computer. This also allows a generic sysex utility to store the JP8 memory.

Several SYS-EX data transfer options. Transfer 128 patches, transfer any single patch, transfer the edit buffer, transfer the patch presets. All the functions can be accessed from the front panel. There is no need to set "dip switches" to adjust anything. The JP8-MK works with all versions of Jupiter-8's. The parameters are displayed on the seven-segment display of the JP8 and they are modified with the VCA slider while in MIDI mode. Encore's standard warranty includes 1 year parts.