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This page is here to provide you with information which will help you control your synthesizers with the Expressionist. We will soon add tips on installing our MIDI retrofits. In the meantime, if you have any questions please email us.

Moog Rogue
You will need to build two cables for controlling the Rogue. The Rogue has combined a V-trigger input and S-Trigger output onto a stereo 1/4" jack. In order to control the Rogue, you have to build a 1/4" mono to 1/4" stereo cable and connect the mono tip to the ring of the stereo plug. The diagram below shows the configuration for the V trigger end of the cable.

The same is true for the CV jack. The Rogue combines the CV in and out on the same jack.You need to attach to the ring to get the CV control necessary. The tip is the CV output from the Rogue and is not used in a MIDI to CV application.

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