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Picture of Waldorf Microwave XT DSP Expansion

The Waldorf Microwave XT DSP expansion board has the same functionality as the original out-of-production board. It adds 2 DSPs and memory to the original Waldorf instruments. This increases the polyphony from 10 to 30! Installation is extremely simple. No soldering necessary. It comes with mounting hardware.

Note: This only works with original Microwave XT instruments with version 3 board. Version 1 and 2 Microwave XT boards do not have expansion ports. The version of XT mainboard is shown after you finish booting the XT/XTk by pressing the Global (Utility) button (six clicks in) until you get to the system sub-menu. If the lower left of the display reads "Board #3" you can upgrade your XT. If it says "Board 1" or "Board 2" then the XT is not expandable. Please perform this basic check to avoid any disappointment. Also your XT/XTk should be updated to OS 2.29 (or newer) before connecting the expansion.

Picture of Waldorf Microwave XT DSP Expansion Requirement